Events at MIT Hostels

1. Best performance award distribution on 13.10.2021 and Pooja celebrations

2. Best performance award distribution on 15.03.2021 at conferemce hall

3. One day workshop on “ Skill devolepment “ for hostel employees on 28, 29 November and 5,6 December 2019 at seminar hall, Production technology department.

4. One day workshop on “ Skill development” for Residential counsellors on 07.12.2019 at Marutham hostel, by Mr. N. Subramanian, Dr. Viji Balasubramanian and Mrs. Pushpa Adiseshan.

5. One day workshop on “Art of Breathing” , for hostel girls, speech by Ms. Shanthi on 29.02.2020 at old non veg mess.

6. One day workshop on “Overcoming drug / Mobile addiction, managing mental stress and social pressure” for NRI hostel boys by Dr.Lakshmi on 29.02.2020 at Orchid hostel conference hall.

7. One day workshop on “Balancing physical and mental health” for hostel girls,by Dr. Viji Balasubramanian on 29.02.2020 at Old Non Veg Mess.

8. One day workshop on “Time management, overcoming mobile addiction, stress management and balancing mental stress and physical heath” for hostel girls, by Mrs. Pushpa Magesh on 29.02.2020 at RLHC conference hall.